Survival StrapsParacord Survival Straps and Paracord Bracelets

Is the world as we know it going to end sometime this year? Probably not. What i can say is that it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. By it i am referring to survival gear of all types not just survival straps and survival bracelets. The end of civilization as we know it is not the only reason we need to be prepared. The possibility of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, total financial collapse or just hyper inflation are all possibilities. What do you think would happen if the predicted solar flares knock out the electrical grid? Would you be able to survive without electricity for weeks at a time? What about a transportation strike that leaves the grocery stores shelves empty?

Survival straps can take many forms.

Pretty much anything that can be made from macrame or braiding can be made with paracord.  The most well known are the Para Cord Bracelets but a more practical item would be a para cord belt. A belt will keep a lot more 501 paracord on hand than a bracelet will. Of course it is handy to have both. The survival bracelet for short cord needs and belt for long cord needs. Then you have rifle slings, key chains, and zipper pulls. Any kind of lanyard or leash can be woven from 501 paracord. The forms the paracord straps can take as well as the para cord uses are only limited by your imagination.

How to Make Paracord Bracelets

As i mentioned above, just about anything that you can make with macrame or braiding can be made with 501 paracord so the best way to learn how to make Paracord bracelets or paracord straps would be to get a couple of books on macrame projects and braiding.

Here are a couple that are available from Amazon. The best ones are not just survival bracelet instructions but are books on rope braiding, leather braiding and macrame.


Para Cord Uses

  • Tourniquet
  • Makeshift weapon sling
  • Handle wrapping, for any tool or knife
  • Use to tie up primitive shelters i.e. lean to or other type. The internal strings work great for this, so you get 6 times the amount for the given length.
  • Buzzsaw with chemlight. Tie a chemlight to a piece and you can use it as a signaling device by swinging it in a circle.
  • Tie a splint to immobilize broken limb.
  • Shoelace. I tie my boots with 550 paracord, so if i need some in an emergency, I have it.
  • Belt. Using a certain weave, you can make a paracord belt.
  • Lanyard. using a certain weave you can also make a quick release lanyard.
  • Warning trip line. Tie off to some noise makers so if someone is walking up and catch the line it gives you a warning.
  • Hang game for cleaning.
  • Sewing thread. The individual strands can be used to repair clothes or for sutures.





 Survival Straps and Survival Bracelets are only one part of your survival kit so check out my other pages for a complete emergency survival setup.